Berry Baby Soap


Net Wt. 70g

Berry Baby Soap is an extreme lightening soap that contains natural oils that hydrates, protects, and nourishes the skin.

Saponified Coconut Oil, Ricebran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lactic Acid, Glycerin, Glutathione, Alpha Arbutin, AHA actives, Calamansi extracts, Papaine Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Licorice Extracts, Vitamin ACE, Niacinamide, Baking Soda, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, FD&C colorants.

Niacinamide- Helps hydrates skin, promotes skin elasticity, and help ease
redness from eczema, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Glutathione- Helps in reducing skin pigmentation like freckles, age marks
and acne spots.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)- Gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin and
helps reduce the appearance of skin aging.

Rosehip Oil- Allows the formation of smoother skin and brings in Vitamin
C which is essential for healthy skin.

Alpha Arbutin- Helps in brightening the skin specially scars and darkened

1. Moisten the skin and lather up the soap.
2. Massage the soap gently onto the face or the body.
3. Leave for at least 2-3 minutes.
4. Rinse off the soap from the face or the body.
5. Use twice daily for best results.